40 Spectacular Geometric Animals Tattoo


Lately, while I’m having fun doing articles for this website, I got a little bit interested about this geometric designs. I mean, it is simple yet genius way for a design especially on tattoos, would you agree?

On this post, i would like to showcase a few collected designs that illustrate geometric animals. Animal designs are endless and making them geometric is a great move to create uniqueness to tattoos. Normally done in black ink and sometimes on colors, animals will never look the same when the tat is done however it is still as awesome.

Geometric animals is truly a sure-fire hit for tattoo enthusiasts who are just planning to get their first tattoo or even to those who are veterans of the ink. Enjoy the list everyone.

Below are the 40 Spectacular Geometric Animals Tattoo that will surely put you in awe!

39Fierce Geometric Lobo Calf Tattoo

Fierce Geometric Lobo Calf Tattoo

Image Credit: CLTRA CLCTVA