30 Precious Gem Tattoo


Precious gemstones are some of the things that even if you’re well off and rich enough in life, you still can see very rarely. The moment you see the real thing of any of the most famous kinds, you’ll probably be stunned by its rare beauty.

These colorful and distinct gems are actually very good choices for a tattoo too, aside from the fact the owning a real one needs a fortune. Their brilliant colors and the ability to change form from unrefined crystals to shaped jewelries, tattoo artists can offer the best gem tattoos to those who needs inspiration for a luxury life. There are also tattoo samples of animals with a part of them is a noticeable jewel.

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Showcased today are 30 of these amazing tattoos which shine brighter compared to others because of the brilliance of the gems. Continue to dream guys and aim for luxurious living because there is no harm in dreaming big, right?

30Nicked Purple Crystal Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: Instagram