Splendid Geometric Roses Tattoo

32 Absolutely Gorgeous Geometric Rose Tattoo

Rose are known for its sheer beauty and elegance. The waves and layers of its richly colored petals are the moneymaker of this ultimate symbol of love and people will never get tired of...
Unique Sunflower Back Tattoo

38 Bright Sunflower Tattoo Designs

It may be the season of winter for most of the northern countries right now but that does not impede us from posting a bright and yellow blossom subject for today’s tattoo that would...
Hexagon and Abstract Flower Arm Tattoo

35 Gorgeous Geometric Flower Tattoos

Geometric tattoo design is a combination of simplicity and creativity. An artist considers a geometric design as a breath of fresh air since, for the most part, it is easy to render the design...
Defined Orange Watercolor Flower with Black Vines Back Tattoo

30 Watercolor Flower Tattoo Designs

I am back for another watercolor tattoo post today and this time we will be exploring the colorful world of flowers. They say that flower tattoos are only meant for ladies because the plant...
Sketchy Lotus Upper Back Tattoo

33 Watercolor Lotus Tattoo Designs

This post features another collection of the best tattoo technique existing in the world right now, the watercolor. Every time I stumble upon a bunch of tattoos with a particular subject inked in watercolor...
Sultry Red Peonies Thigh Tattoo

38 Flower Thigh Tattoos

The thigh part is one of the best place to have a tattoo. The area can easily be hidden and if needed to be flaunted, one can just wear shorts. In this article, we feature...
Realistic Flowers Arm Tattoo

30 Exquisite Flower Tattoos For Girls

Flower tattoos have gained reputation in the tattoo industry because of its intricacies, diverse vibrant hues and connotations. Flowers embody a wide range of things. They can be an exemplification of life, demise, love,...

18 Unique Sunflower Tattoo Designs for Girls

Flower tattoos are very common and always in fashion. However, it is the sunflower tattoo design that is the most striking of all the flower tattoos simply because it looks vibrant and very colorful....

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