30 Flower Tattoos On Thigh


The thigh part of a person, especially for a woman, is the best part to exude sexiness. Thighs are nearest to the buttocks and privates so when exposed, it creates that tease that most makes the opposite sex drool over.

To add more excitement to that tease, most daring people get tattoos on these areas. For the romantics, what design could be more expressive than flowers? The bloom of flowers are best expressed on flat surfaces like the thighs. And since thighs vertically ran along with the rest of the leg, tattoo artists can create a series effect of the flower designs which maximizes the area and boost attraction. Most of the flowers that are selected for a thigh tattoo are the roses, the poppies, and peonies. There are also special designs like cherry blossoms and some species that produce bunches of small flowers. Skulls and other iconic tattoo subjects are also incorporated to some of the flower designs which create interesting stories for the masterpieces.

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Fell in love with 30 of these awesome flower thigh tattoos offered to all women and men out there. Flaunt what God has given you and be vanguards of the art which hungers for due attention.

30Poppies X-ray Tattoo

Poppies X-ray Tattoo

Image Credit: Cuded