35 Gorgeous Fish Tattoos


Much of the tattoo designs posted on this website so far are land grounded. Most of the animal subjects featured are either a mammal or an insect, both land dwellers. At this point, I guess its about time to showcase something out from the oceans and let us start with the fishes.

For japanese people, fishes are symbol of peace and tranquility. Ironically, that is the reason why the yakuzas usually clad their bodies with tattoos of kois and fighting fishes. I’m sharing this because most of the fish tattoos I’m going to feature this time are of japanese art and kois. However, there are also other fish species that were used as tattoo designs which you guys will get interested to. Fish tattoos were done either monochromatic, watercolored, or semi-abstract.

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Swim away with these 35 Gorgeous Fish Tattoos all lined up for your entertainment. May the peace and tranquility that the fishes symbolize be with you always.

35Autumn Koi Calf Tattoo

Autumn Koi Calf Tattoo

Image Credit: Ego Designs