38 Feminine Tattoo Ideas


Tattoos have come a long way from just a tribal ritual or someone’s pastime to a venue of art and expressionism. The art itself caters to all walks of life and its purpose are now varied and more justified.

There are tattoos that are specifically designed for women. Today, we showcase these feminine tattoos that are not just artistic but also elegant and graceful, perfect for the skins of the queens. Most feminine tattoos are with curve lines, artistic bordering, patterns, and floral. Predominant color choices are shades of red and purple. We also see a couple of butterfly and bird tattoos which are grace in itself. The preferred body areas for feminine tattoos are the side or rib, shoulder blade at the back, nape, and foot areas.

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We have a number of the most amazing tattoo designs out there that women around the world carries with pride. If you are a woman of strength and character, then maybe one or two of the samples below are also meant for you.


38Floral Bouquet Arm Tattoo

Floral Bouquet Arm Tattoo

Image Credit: The Tattoo Hut