30 Striking Dagger Tattoos


During the earlier times, especially in the classical age, killing a human requires a degree of passion and drama which killers must have in order to commit such heinous crimes. This is because, the easiest way to kill a person that time was to stab the person using the sharpest tools they have. Now, murder has lost its suspense factor though it is more brutal. Disclaimer before I continue, I am not a fan of killers and killing and most of all, I am not a psychopath. This is just how I start this article since it makes more sense with today’s subject so, sorry guys.

Daggers are the spy guns of the earlier times. The fancier the dagger used for stabbing, the more likely it is owned by a very powerful individual. Because daggers can be studded with jewels and carved with designs, most often the not, they are considered part of the precious heirloom of a rich family. Such is the reason why daggers are also famous subjects for art those days. These times, daggers continue to influence art especially in tattoos. Colorful and unique daggers are good tattoo subjects because not only it creates good ink, it also has a deeper meaning into it.

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I won’t be extending this content too much because I rather you guys check out the tattoo samples directly. It is easier to convey how dagger tattoos are great tat choices by seeing it for yourselves more than by just reading my personal thoughts about it. So, without further ado, here are the 30 most awesome dagger tattoos found in the world.

30Monochromatic Dagger Piercing Rose Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest