30 Stirring Cyborg Tattoos


The future promises so much for the improvement of human lives. The advancement in science and technology not only allows us discover things that are already of this Earth and beyond, it also allows us to invent things that elevate our way or living.

One of such great promises is robotics. Robots are now being produced in a rapid rate to help humans increase productivity with less exposure to risks. Furthermore, robotics are slowly reshaping the field of medicine. Bio-mechanical body parts are already being tested out and used for replacement of lost limbs or organs. Soon, technology would be able to replace most of our internal organs and structure which will give way to the existence of cyborgs, part human part robot entity.

Before we get to see real cyborgs becoming a reality, tattoo artists let us experience what could it possible be look like. Cyborg tattoos are most of the time created realistically for us to appreciate the things tech can do to our bodies in the future.

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Check out these radical cyborg tat samples we have for you guys today. While enjoying the incredible inks, Let us know what are your takes of these futuristic promise and its impact to the society when the time comes.

30Hydraulic Forearm Tattoo

Hydraulic Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: TrendHunter