30 Cute Leg Tattoos


One of the most preferred body part for tattoo placement are the legs. Legs are chosen because tattoo inked on this area can easily be hidden from the viewing public if there’s a need to.

Leg tattoos varies from elaborate down to minute and simple designs. Large and complex tattoo designs are usually placed on the thighs for more surface area. Vertically inclined patterns are mostly found on calves while minimalist and cute illustrated characters are on the foot and ankle. Leg tattoos are usually flaunted during summer since people tend to dress down especially when they’re on nature tripping.

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Check out the various and the coolest leg tattoos out there through today’s post. If you guys are planning to get a tattoo for the first time, leg tattoos are one of the best option you have which you won’t be regretting.

30Fox Leg Tattoo

Fox Leg Tattoo

Image Credit: Fresh Tattoos