30 Colorful Owl Tattoos


For today’s tattoo design offering, we again feature a beloved animal which most of the people hope to get one for a pet and yet it is almost impossible to do.

Owls are very famous because of their googly eyes and cover most of their face. They are considered one of the most vicious predators in the forest and they are as effective in hunting as an eagle, especially in hard-to-maneuver forest areas. Tattoo artists love owl designs because they can switch their approach from cute to predator and back depending what mood the tattoo owner would want. Today’s post is special since not only we feature owls, we also made sure that all tattoo samples are with color in any technique applied.

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We have 30 of the cutest and most fierce owl tattoos today brought to life by the colors rendered on them. It is amazing how tattoo artists come up with such masterpieces with just a little ink and space. I hope that the collection will spark your interest in tattoos sooner than you expect.

30Shiny Blue Owl Hip Tattoo

Shiny Blue Owl Hip Tattoo

Image Credit: Tumblr