30 Striking Chicano Tattoos


United States is the home not only for the Americans but to almost all races in the world as well. It is expected that the country would harbor such variety of ethnicity since most people dream of visiting and living in America as the land of great promise.

The most evident immigrants the States have are the Mexicans, being their closest neighbor aside from the Canadians of the north. Many people of Mexican descent have already settled in America and had lived in the States for quite some time. Because native Americans are already used to living with the Mexicans, they developed a new term for them and they call them Chicanos/Chicanas.

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Chicano tattoos are mostly about their culture and street gangs. These people are known to be religious and at the same time very brave when defending their own. Most of the tattoos that are Chicano-inspired are just done traditionally with black ink and rarely in colors. Check out the selection provided below. You’ll probably notice that the tattoos are the usual tattoos you’ve seen on the streets that is because Chicano tattoos are meant for the public.

30Rose with Text Full Sleeve Tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest