30 Astonishing Chest Tattoo Ideas


Today we are going back to basics. What I mean about basics is the how things were known and popular in the past, particularly in tattoos.

In the past, when people talk about tattoos, the first thing that pop into their heads are tattoos inked on biceps and of the chest because most of the time, incarcerated men are the only ones having them. As time passes by, the definition of tattoo became more acceptable and people already starting to respect the art. This time, what I’m about to show are some of the best chest tattoos out there. These tattoo designs are too complicated and artsy which I can assure you that you can’t easily get when you’re in prison. There are very elaborate and colorful designs that covers the entire chest area and there are also very specific that were inked on just one side. Some designs are also simple and easy to figure out but how it is done is clearly a “chest tattoo” material.

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Enjoy the employed art on these unique and awesome inks showcased for you all you guys today. They say that for a man to have a chest tattoo is the moment they become a “real” man. If the saying means that you need to experience and overcome the pain of getting a chest tattoo in order to become a real man, then good luck to those who are still don’t.

30Gray Roaring Lion Chest Tattoo

Gray Roaring Lion Chest Tattoo

Image Credit: NextLuxury