30 Cat Portrait Tattoos Every Cat Lover Will Love


Cats make up almost 40% of the world’s choice for pet. Of course, the other 40% is for dogs while the remaining 20% are for others. It is no wonder that cats have more videos on Youtube than you personally have. I mean, they are just so adorable and sometimes thoughtless that is why people love viewing cat vids.

For hardcore cat lovers, having a cat and dedicating most of their time with their beloved pet is not enough. They go the extra mile and get a tattoo that will tell everyone that they are certified cat lovers. We do see a lot of cat tattoos here and there but in this case, we are talking about cat portraits. Just like human portraits, cat portraits focus on the facial attributes and most of time the subject is facing forward like taking a graduation pic. I know it may seem a challenge for owners to get a snapshot of their cat’s face upfront but with the technology nowadays, I guess it can done.

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Just like its attitude and traits, cat’s face is also adorable to watch. So, having a cat portrait tattoo may not be a bad idea after all. For you guys to be the judge, here are some of the best tats out there in the world.

28Watercolor Cat Thigh Tattoo

Watercolor Cat Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: Tattoodo