36 Noticeable Calf Tattoos


One of the most defined and most distinguishable pair of human muscles are the calves. These are the muscles behind the femur bone just below the knee region. For people who are into running and rigid legwork trainings, their calves size up like large stones embedded into their legs.

Some people also consider calves as one of the sexiest parts of a human body. Because of its location and reputation, no wonder that more and more people are hooked into getting calf tattoos nowadays. Calf tattoos are best for summer flaunts and can also be easily hidden when needed. Since the region is mostly made up of muscle and fat, getting a calf tattoo is relatively less painful compared to getting one on bony areas.

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Showcased today are the coolest calf tattoo we found all over the internet. The most famous designs for tats done on this area are Aztec tribals, flowers, and 3D subjects. A lot more are in store for you all of you guys today so enjoy and be inspired.

36Amazing Illustration Style Side Calf Tattoo

Amazing Illustration Style Side Calf Tattoo

Image Credit: Cuded