30 Cool Bicycle Tattoos


One of the most successful invention that humans ever created is the bicycle. Not only it’s the most efficient and eco-friendly ride, it is also iconic in both sports and romance. Clearly, this 2-wheel transportation mechanism helped shaped the world as it is today.

Bicycle has a unique form and design. This unique design has just a few parts that can be counted using just the fingers yet it functions like magic. The design, purpose, and romantic connotation of bicycles have interest tattoo artist to build up design portfolio with it as the subject. As expected, a lot of tattoo enthusiasts and newbies dig the design because it is fun and it symbolizes a lot. Bicycle tattoos often symbolize freedom and pure happiness. It also depicts competition and achievement especially for racers and athletes. Most of the bicycle tats are done in black ink yet to build drama and excitement, colors can also be played around with it.

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The best bicycle tats one can find in the internet right now are gathered here today for everyone’s delight. Ride on to the amusement this cool bicycle tattoo designs bring for all of you guys!

30Bicycles Sleeve Tattoo

Image Credit: Next Luxury