30 Best 3D Tattoos


There are tattoos that are made beautifully in simple black and white. Then, there are a number of which that are brought to life by splashing colors into them. Finally, there are tattoos out there that go beyond the flat planes of the canvass and look like they were created in real life.

3D tattoos require specialized set of skill and talent from the tattoo artist to create a masterpieces that shows space and depth even when tattoos are rendered in flat skin. The samples for today’s post are carefully chosen to represent what 3D tattoo is really all about and that is pure awe. The designs are like part of the real world which if you just don’t touch it, they are actually the real thing.

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Now, feast your eyes on this 30 awesome 3D tattoo samples in line for you guys today. I know that these tats will surely fire up your desires for having a tattoo a million-fold in a heartbeat. A word of advice though, getting a 3D tattoo requires patience since it is not easy to plan, draw, and create these designs. However, if you’re ready for it, I can assure you that everything’s going to be worth it.

30Red and Blue 3D Technique Forearm Tattoo

Red and Blue 3D Technique Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: MTV