Best 18 Tattoo Designs with Meanings


When it comes to tattoos, the styles and designs are always changing or undergoing innovative changes. But, before you pick one for yourself, be sure about the kind of tattoo you really want to flaunt since these are permanent and removing them would prove to be expensive and painful. Look below to get an idea about some cool 18 tattoo designs with meanings specially handpicked for you. Here they are:

1. Feather Tattoo Design

Feather tattoos are usually seen on people who are carefree and have loads of positive attitude surrounding them and their persona. Feather is related to happiness and love too. One can get these designs inked on foot, upper back, lower back or thighs.

Feather Tattoo Design

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2. Heart Tattoo Design

Heart designs are usually a symbol of love and passion. If you are in love, there is a possibility that you will go in for a beautiful heart tattoo to display your feelings!


Image credit: Heledis

3. Star Tattoo Design

Have you ever wondered why we make such a hue and cry about shooting stars and their power? Yes…stars are symbols of hope and good luck and hence people love to ink these on their body parts too. There are a variety of designs that one can select.


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4. Dragonfly Tattoo Design

Are you someone that is free willed and loves freedom? If your answer is in the affirmative, it is a good idea to ink a dragonfly tattoo on your body. The designs are varied with both the sexes demanding these in large numbers. A dragonfly stands for many things like free will and intelligence.


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5. Sun Tattoo Design

Both the sexes prefer inking sun tattoos at least once in their lifetime since the sun is a symbol of vitality and power. One can choose from a number of funky designs that all look beautiful and chic.


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6. Angel Tattoo Design

Those who are followers of Jesus and have immense faith in the religion are usually predisposed to inking their bodies with this awesome looking design that symbolizes belief and faith, oh …not to forget love and dedication!

Angel Tattoo Design

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7. Moon Tattoo Design

Most dreamy guys and girls love to ink the moon tattoo on their bodies as it gives them joy and hope. These tattoos look stunning, no matter what part they are inked.


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8. Rose Tattoo Design

Different colored roses have different connotations, each symbolizing an emotion. For people in love, red rose tattoos are the most appropriate to be inked, while, for expressing a friendly feeling for someone, a yellow rose tattoo is just perfect. Rose tattoos come in different shapes and designs and are very popular.


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9. Snake Tattoo Design

Snakes are symbolic of fertility and hence it was a common practice among many Indian village women to get themselves tattooed with snake designs. There are all kinds of designs that look sassy and sexy.

Snake Tattoo Design

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10. Butterfly Tattoo Design

Who on earth doesn’t like the beautiful and ever in demand, the design of a large butterfly inked gorgeously on their bare backs? It is perhaps the most popular design and will always remain evergreen. A butterfly stands for freedom and all things related to beauty. Inking such tattoos is in vogue these days. So, why should you be left behind?

butterfly tattoo design

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11. Dolphin Tattoo Design

Dolphins and happiness are synonymous to each other and one can get these designs inked if he or she is free willed and cheerful.


Image credit: Auburnwebs

12. Hello Kitty Tattoo Design

Most loved by young girls, the hello kitty tattoos are actually a rage and is not unusual to spot a youngster flaunting a cool hello kitty tattoo on her body. The cartoon character has a cult following and there are many types of designs that can be inked on any body part including the legs, arms, back and fingers. For those that are outgoing and cute, this tattoo design is the best that suits their personality.


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13. Orchid Tattoo Design

Want to look sassy with a beautiful flower tattoo that would make you the object of desire for many suitors? Well, don’t think too much and get the flower tattoo inked today since these tattoos are in great demand and look attractive to the eyes. Flower tattoos stand for femininity and beauty. These come in designs that include lots of green leaves and colorful flowers adorning your body.


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14. Portrait Tattoo Design

Its very common to spot people with tattoos of loved ones that really matters to them. These tattoos are symbolic of the love and affection people have for their family or friends. If you want to show your love for someone , here is your best chance at getting the right portrait tattoo!


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15. Flames Tattoo Design

Unlike the common perception that flame tattoos represent the angst of a person, flames actually are symbolic of life and the will of a person to scale any heights. However, in some cases, it may also represent danger.


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16. Religious Tattoo Design

These tattoos signify a person’s faith in his or her religion. There are many gods and goddesses that can be inked on any body part.


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17. Bird Tattoo Design

You cannot pass a street without spotting a girl or two flaunting a beautiful tattoo of a bird that looks not just attractive but also says a lot about the personality of the person wearing it. Bird tattoos represent a person’s free will and the zeal to keep going higher in life and career.


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18. Animal Tattoo Design

Have you ever had a fascination for any animal? If so, there are a hundred different tattoo designs that you can choose from to get one of your favorite animals inked on your body. A tiger tattoo stands of strength and wisdom. You can choose any that suits your style and attitude.


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There are thousands of tattoo designs to choose from. You can take a look above and select the one that has caught your fancy. All the best!