Best 12 Eagle Tattoo Designs for Men


Symbolizing power and enigma, the eagle is a favorite subject or muse for all tattoo artists. Men love to ink eagles on their bodies just to show their machismo and strength. Do take a look below and see the different types of eagle tattoo designs that have been specially handpicked for you:

1. Mighty eagle on chest

The eagle tattoo inked above the right nipple seems alluring and shows the power of the wearer. It is done in black and is a beauty.

Mighty eagle on chest tattoo

Image credit: Tattooeasily


2. Full back eagle tattoo

This is one majestic looking eagle that also shows patriotic feelings of the wearer towards his motherland. The colors used are varied and the tattoo looks vibrant and chic.

Full back eagle tattoo

Image credit: Tattoosonbody

3. Simple chest eagle tattoo

From arms to backs, eagles can be tattooed any place you like, but, the one place that would really look mesmerizing is your chest. The eagle inked, as shown in the picture, is a simple design but makes the wearer look sexy and masculine to the hilt.

Simple chest eagle tattoo

Image credit: Tattoobite

4. A fearsome eagle tattoo

With the mighty sun glowing with full vigor, and the eagle with the burning eyes; the tattoo looks regal and there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t want to get it inked on his body. Done ferociously on the back, it lends a masculine look to the man who is flaunting it.

A fearsome eagle tattoo

Image credit: Theceleb

5. Traditional eagle tattoo on chest

The design is simple and the eagle inked is in the traditional style with no added designs or motifs. However, it does look stylish and manly.

Traditional eagle tattoo on chest

Image credit: Tobiastattoo

6. Eagle tattoo in black

The one thing that clearly makes this tattoo stand out among the rest is the perfect contrast that the artist has brought in with his usage of black just as an outline, while at the same time, he has filled in a part of the feathers in complete jet black color. It looks magical.

Eagle tattoo in black

Image credit: Webcontemporary


7. Flag eagle tattoo

The flag with the American national bird ‘eagle’ and a sailing ship are inked in this smart tattoo that most American men love to wear. It is a patriotic tattoo that looks cool.

Flag eagle tattoo

Image credit: Pinterest

8. A decorative eagle tattoo

If inking a flag eagle tattoo is too corny for you, here is your next best pick. Yes, all you need is a good tattoo artist who can lend his artistic touch to create a fabulous looking eagle tattoo that comes with a shield and arrows. The tattoo is smart and is a real charmer.

A decorative eagle tattoo

Image credit: Myinkideas

9. Eagle tattoo with a message

‘Live Lightly’is the message inked above the mighty eagle that symbolizes freedom and power. It is a stylish work of art and will turn many heads!

Eagle tattoo with a message

Image credit: tatto0

10. Arm eagle tattoo

The arms are one of the most preferred places to get the eagle tattoos. The tattoo here is simple with a big bust of an eagle that seems to look deep into your souls.

Arm eagle tattoo

Image credit: Blogspot

11. Eagle tattoo with face of a beautiful woman

The eagle looks quite regal in the tattoo shown below. One can see the face of a woman just above the belly button along with other faces that seem to lend an element of style to the whole design. The look will entice you for sure.

Eagle tattoo with face of a beautiful woman

Image credit: Tattoosonbody


12. Native American eagle tattoo

This eagle tattoo design is perhaps one of the rarest and is done by Native American men. Its a sign of valor and power. The eagle is a medley of black and red colors. It looks stunning and impressive.

Native American eagle tattoo

Image credit: Mustachemafia

Eagles are a sign of pure power and masculinity. If you are the type of guy who wants to create a ‘Magnetic’ effect on people, get one of these and give some competition!