30 Sneaky Behind The Ear Tattoos


You guys want to have a cute tattoo but can’t decide where to put it? Well, this next post is all about tattoo placed in not so discreet area yet can easily be hidden if needed.

Check out these behind the ear tattoos we have collected for you guys today. Obviously, these tattoo designs are relatively small to be accommodated by the area. Most of the tattoos are also very simple and traditional because complicated techniques may be inconvenient since the area is closest to the brain, less skin and muscles that could shield the pain in reaching the skull. The tats behind the ear, due to the sensitive area where it is located, always have deeper meaning or connection to the bearer.

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Even if the tattoos are small and cute, we made sure that the samples we gathered are something not less than awesome and cool. Enjoy the chosen 30 and if you’re brave enough, you might want to contribute to the design pool later on.

30Dog Paws Tattoo

Dog Paws Tattoo

Image Credit: PrettyDesigns