30 Exhilarating Batman Tattoo Ideas

This next tattoo post is the one theme I would not pass for the world. The featured subject for today is no other than Batman, the great Batman. Batman may not be an alien or a mutant, but definitely, he is one bad-ass superhero which no one would not easily dare to mess up with.
Batman, even as a fictional character, is as iconic as Abraham Lincoln. He sets trend, he sets fashion, and he sets superhero standards. Whenever there is a Batman movie coming up or a movie with Batman in it, the world produce tons of products with and for him. Literally, the world becomes Gotham, where Batman thrives in every streets and in every household. To recognize the contribution of Batman to the contemporary world, we have tattoos in line for you today that feature all about Batman. When there’s Batman, it is almost always you see Joker with it too since the two are kindred souls, the exact opposites, the Yin-Yang.
Enjoy the different takes of Batman in different tattoo designs and techniques we gathered for all of you guys today. If you’re a true fan of the dark knight, you know that it is not all about the gadgets, the car, the costume, and the alter-ego which sets Batman as one of the most beloved character. It is the ideals and the principles that Bruce Wayne is living by that inspires people and community, acknowledging him as a true hero in all our hearts.

29Crumbled Batman Logo Side Tattoo

Crumbled Batman Logo Side Tattoo

Image Credit: TattooMagz