30 Badass Skull Tattoos


There are tattoo designs common to the business today that by default define the word badass. However, in today’s post we are listing the most badass of all badass design of a particular famous artifact, the skulls.

When we say skull tattoos, probably the first thing that pops into your mind are gangsters on big bikes. Yes, we don’t argue to that fact that bikers especially those individuals with broad shoulders typically have a skull or two as their tattoo. This somehow depicts that they don’t fear death while on the road and intimidating other people. Nonetheless, badass skull tattoos are not just meant for the mean and bad people, they can also be wicked tattoos for the more subtle enthusiasts.

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Rendered in almost all styles and techniques, check out 30 of the most badass skull tattoos people around the world are proud to have. If you want to look badass and feel badass, then having one of the designs below as your own tattoo will definitely elevate you to that level of awesomeness.

30Heart Skull Thigh Tattoo

Heart Skull Thigh Tattoo
Image Credit: Tattoo Easily