30 Seductive Back Tattoos For Women


If Justin T. is bring sexy back, today’s post will definitely define how the back can get a lot sexier. To all the men readers out there, we’re sorry to disappoint you a little bit but today, it’s all about the women.

What we have for today are the best of the best back tattoos that a strong and courageous woman could have. Since women’s back are expected to be leaner compared to men, most of the tattoos recommended for the ladies flow vertically, swaying together with the curves. Most of the preferred tattoo designs are vines and roses that runs along the spine, mandalas and hamsa, birds and butterflies. Some women do have tattoos that are also best for men like tribal designs or skulls. The truth is, women can get any designs they want as long as they wanted the design so badly.

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Since the tattoo designs applicable to women’s back may be with endless options, nonetheless, we tried our best to select 30 of the most appealing and the most bad-ass of them all. Enjoy the collection ladies and gentlemen…Yes, we know that men are also interested in this, for all the reasons we can think of (big wink).

30Dream Catcher Back Tattoo

Dream Catcher Back Tattoo

Image Credit: Fashion Enzyme