30 Venerable Anubis Tattoos


Tattoo junkies always go for tats that are unique yet with very simple symbolism. In this way, the uniqueness creates an enigma to the ink which entices the public to adore it thus giving the tattoo the attention it deserves.

Today’s tattoo subject is no stranger to that. The featured tattoo design for today is Anubis. Not all people in this world knows who Anubis is, even those in the tattoo world or even those who lived in Egypt their whole life. Anubis is one of the many gods of ancient Egypt, during the times of pyramids and pharaohs. All ancient Egyptian gods are fascinating and all-powerful yet Anubis is the most unique one. There are many things that Anubis was associated of but all of them pertains to death and afterlife. Anubis, as god of death, was believed to be the guide for the souls as they travel to the path to afterlife. For tattoo enthusiasts, having Anubis as one of their tats clearly depicts their fascination or acceptance to the notion of death.

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Being both a symbol and a god character, Anubis as a tattoo subject can be rendered in different styles and attacks. 30 of the best Anubis tattoos are lined up for you guys today. I can assure you that this batch of tattoo samples is a collection you would not miss plainly because it is too awesome and radical. Come and check it out!

31Sketchy Anubis Headdress Thigh Tattoo

Sketchy Anubis Headdress Thigh Tattoo

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