30 Interesting Ancient Art Tattoo


The ancient world has a lot of stories that we from the present generations are lucky enough to have the chance to unravel them. We are the direct products of the past and learning about the life and culture from it is definitely a worthwhile experience and a challenge for simple people like us and of course, for the scholars.

As people of sciences unearths clues and treasures from the ancient civilization, we come to prove one thing, that ancient people loved all forms of art. This is expected though since without the power of internet or advance technology, art is the ultimate means of communication and documentation. Ancient art varies from civilization to civilization which paved way to unlimited sources of art inspiration to contemporary artists.

Example of a branch of art that exploits the masterpieces of the ancient world is modern tattooing. I specifically said modern tattooing since tattoo is also one form of ancient (but not lost) art. Famous art examples are recreated into tats and applied to those who requested for it. Some examples of these are the cave prints, the stone carvings, the famous paintings and so much more.

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Done in different techniques, check out the number of tattoo samples we have for you guys today. Ancient art tattoos are definitely a mix of the old and the new so try one for yourself today.

30Mayan Sun Hand Tattoo

Mayan Sun Hand Tattoo

Image Credit: Tattoo-Journal