60 Sexy Collar Bone Tattoos For Women


Being a woman, I feel there are no better tattoo designs than collar bone tattoos that truly bring out the sex appeal in us. If you are a lady and want to flaunt a sexy tattoo design, you mustn’t think twice before getting a collar bone tattoo as I feel collar bone tattoo designs look visually attractive and yes, you can show it to the world anytime you feel like it!

Tattoo artists these days have developed such cool collar bone designs that were rarely seen a few years back like geometric collar bone tattoos, seen in one of the images in today’s post that lists down the top 60 collar bone tattoo ideas that look sexy to the core. Like the geometric collar bone tattoo, there are numerous other motifs that can be engraved on one’s collar bone, but, care has to be taken while choosing the best collar bone tattoo since a collar bone is a part of your body that will be visible almost all the time.

I have seen a trend among girls to get words engraved on their collar bones in different fonts and styles. These wording collar bone tattoo ideas are unique in appearance and enhance the feminine aspect of a woman’s personality. Wordings like quotes and phrases are particularly favored by women and are generally inked in one color, i.e., black. Some women prefer getting whole messages or passages from famous novels engraved.

Script collar bone designs are a more elaborate form of wording tats and can be done in any color as one prefers. Many people get such scripts engraved that have a deep symbolical or spiritual meaning attached to them. Some of these tats start from the collar bone and cover most part of the chest.

Scripts and wordings are not the only designs you can think of when planning to get a collar bone piece for yourself, but there are other designs like small symbols, ranging from rose buds, birds, flowers, stars to feathers that look equally good and bring out the femininity of a woman. In the images below, there are a whole lot of flowers and birds that can be seen engraved on the collar bones of women. Musical notes too are in vogue these days and, though, their look is minimalist, yet, these look awesome and enhance the sensuousness of a woman.

Banner collar bone designs for women look appealing as these convey meaningful messages. These look conventional yet quite trendy. One can play with a banner tattoo idea by coupling it with roses, stars, anchors and many more motifs. However, I feel that a banner tat looks better on a male than a woman.

Hearts, cross and similar kinds of designs are much loved by the feminine gender as these are easier to ink and convey meanings and beliefs as well. Other tat that looks sexy on a woman’s collar bone is the wing of a bird. The wing design is inked more ornately than other symbols and looks grand.

Whether, you choose the upper portion of your collar bone or the whole area covering the chest, a tattoo is bound to look sexy and startling. However, be careful when zeroing on the artist as a collar bone is a delicate part and needs professional handling.

Go through this post, and if you think I have compiled a great collection of collar bone tattoo designs for you, come back to give your precious comments!

601. Birds and feather collar bone tattoo

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