60 Inspiring Hand Tattoos For Men And Women


Tattoos have become more of a style statement for many. More and more people are getting attracted towards tattooing. What’s more, even the tattoo designs have evolved to appear more stylish and attractive. Many of the tattoo designs carry symbolic and personal, deep meanings for the wearer. Tattoos by nature are a way of boldly displaying your feelings, views, or attitude towards certain things or situations of your life. People generally prefer having a tattoo done in places that they can be well hidden if and when needed. However, there are some who wear a tattoo boldly. Hand tattoos are a sure enough way to make a bold and stylish style statement.

Hand tattoo designs

A hand tattoo looks as attractive and conspicuous as those on your neck, back, and face. There are many small and cute to full hand and gothic looking tattoo designs that you can choose to get inked on your hands. The choice here is more or less dependent on the gender. However, there are tattoo designs that are common between men and women. There are also tattoo designs which may appear manly or are feminine by nature but are placed and inked in such a way that either of them can get them done on their body.

Roses and birds are some examples of tattoo designs that are quite commonly seen on men as well. It is the strategic placement of such feminine symbols that quite change the meaning and attractive factor when inked on men. Similarly, skull and other such masculine symbols are also often seen on women. Such hand tattoo designs are a way of showing their boldness and rebellious nature for women. However, there are some tattoo designs that are quite restricted to either men or women. Butterflies and Mini or Mickey Mouse are certain designs that you will only find on women and never on men.

Tribal hand tattoos are designs that are commonly seen in both men and women. Tribal tattoos, as we all know, carry deep and symbolic meanings, and have been bearing them for ages. It is not necessary that you would have to be of tribal origin to get a tribal tattoo done. Today, tribal tattoos have become quite a favorite amongst tattoo lovers. Some may choose to have a tribal tattoo done merely for its aesthetic appeal. While some, actually choose their tribal tattoo designs with care. The designs chosen may either represent a phase of their life or something quite symbolically significant in their lives.

Apart from tribal tattoos, there are many other hand tattoo designs that are popular amongst people. Women, most often, choose to have a henna style or ornamental tattoo design on their hands. This enhances the feminine appeal and attractiveness. Similarly, even men choose to have certain typical tattoo designs that define and accentuate their masculinity. When you sit to think about it, you will come up with tons of designs for hand tattoos, so much so that they might actually confuse you. So here are 60 inspiring hand tattoo designs for both men and women.

601. Skull Hand Tattoos for Men

Hand tattoo ideas

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