60 Beautiful Side Tattoos for Girls


Girls have many choices when it comes to being sexy and attractive, and you might be surprised to learn the ways in which girls can accomplish this goal. Clothes and accessories are definitely something girls have been using till now, but have you ever considered something like tattoos for this purpose. Well, you should know that tattoos have grown to be one of the best used tools for giving oneself an attractive and sexy look. You might as well want to indulge yourself in this body transforming idea and give yourself yet another reason to look just that much more appealing. Side tattoos, tattoos on thigh, lower back, stomach, and full back are some of the body areas where girls generally prefer getting tattooed.

Side tattoos for girls are probably the sexiest in their appeal, especially if the design and coloring of the tattoo are chosen with care. You may either get an elaborate, large tattoo or a small, simple tattoo on your side. It all depends on your personal preference and liking. The side tattoo designs include all the feminine elements such as floral patterns, tribal designs, etc. which only add to the appeal of the tattoo. You can always add color to your tattoos or give it a background shading effect, which in turn enhances the tattoo on your body.

Tribal side tattoo designs

Tribal designs are quite popular as tattoos for girls. Generally the tribal tattoos are done with solid black ink. However, many women opt for hollow, outlined tattoo patterns, which have an appeal of their own.

Floral tattoos on side

Floral patterns are probably the most feminine symbol used by girls in their tattoos. Roses, daffodils, dandelions, cherry blossoms, etc. are the most common floral patterns you can include in your side tattoos designs.

Quote side tattoo designs

Quotes are quite popular amongst girls as tattoo designs. You can always get a meaningful quote tattooed on your side, giving yourself a chance to express your thoughts and philosophy through your tattoo.

Tree tattoos for girls

Trees, which may be any tree, are also quite a popular tattoo design opted by girls when it comes to side tattoos. You may either have a full length tree tattooed on your side or have a smaller version of the tree onto your side. Gothic trees or cherry blossoms are quite commonly seen on girls with tattoos on side.

There are many other patterns that you can use for your side tattoo. Some of the patterns may include a small spoon, sun, stars, pinup girls, masterpieces, etc. the list is endless. However, if you are confused as to what you may want to get tattooed on your side, then it is advisable to conduct a thorough research. Tattoos are permanent, one that will stay with you forever and indirectly speak of you for you. So it is necessary that you put in enough thought and energy behind choosing the tattoo design for yourself. Here are 60 beautiful side tattoos for girls you can choose from.

601. Grey Ink Rose Tattoo on Side

Rib tattoos for girls

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