55 Rocking Compass Tattoo Design Ideas


Compass Tattoos…..beautiful…classy…colorful…exotic!! Yes, a compass tattoo has all these characteristics and is loved by everyone, irrespective of age or sex. Most popular with travelers and sailors, these tattoos have increasingly become loved and adored by a large number of people these days.

Such tattoos are generally associated with mariners who used the device to navigate their ships on the vast waters of the sea. However, these days, we do find a lot of men and women, not necessarily in the sailing field who are opting to get these cool designs inked on themselves. Why? Well, these designs are not just good in appearance, but do have a meaning or symbolism attached to them.

A compass tattoo symbolizes hope and a sense of direction that a human needs in his or her life. It also offers guidance and security to a person. Other than being seen as a beacon of hope and positivity, such a tattoo also offers protection to the person who inks it on his body.

There are many designs that you can choose, depending on what you wish to show to others. A star compass tattoo is symbolical of the presence of the North Star that offers direction to travelers and sailors. The star was used as a medium to choose the direction when sailors sailed on rough waters in the ancient times when there were no other sources like maps for help.

Roses when inked with compass designs often symbolize hope and positive feelings in people. Many people also associate a rose with good luck and hence a rose compass design is very popular. This type of a design was prevalent long back when sailors sailed without the help of any map.

There are many beautiful rose compass tattoos that you can find here that will give you an idea of how exotic a flower can look when inked together with a compass motif. There are a few tattoo artists that can skilfully combine various designs like a star, a rose or a bunch of roses along with a compass to lend a distinctive look to the person wearing the tattoo. Rose Compass motifs are available in varied designs as you all can see below.

The history relating to the use of such tattoos dates back many centuries before when the Celts were in the habit to engrave compass motifs on their bodies. Not just Celts, but many people from other European races too got such tattoos inked. However, it were the Spanish sailors that first used these cool tattoos.

Apart from rose compass tattoo designs, there are others like 3D Compass designs, nautical star compass motifs, Koi compass motifs and so on. All these designs look very unique, with some of them appearing gorgeous with a large spectrum of colors on display.

Most often you would come across such compass tattoo designs where the North Star is the focus of all attention, and lies just in the center of the compass. On all the sides of the star are inked the directions marked as N, W, S and E. The circular design symbolizes that life keeps on changing and nothing is stagnant.

Some of these designs look simple with black forming the central theme or the main color. However, when used with bright colors like red and green, the compass motifs can accentuate the style of a person. Many pictures below would show you how elegant and stylish colorful compass tattoo designs look.

From black and white compass designs to those that bear scripts or quotes, the choice is unlimited as far as choosing the right compass design is concerned. If you like traditional compass tattoos, you can get these as easily as you would get modern motifs that come with 3D effects. Do have a look at these cool tattoos and ping back if any one of these tats gets you keyed up!

551. Feather Compass Tattoo

Compass Tattoo Meaning

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