55 Best Chest Tattoos For Men


Summer is fast approaching and with it days when you would bare it all giving you an opportunity to show off those awesome tattoos on your chest. Tattoos are a growing trend amongst men and women these days. Tattoo designs have evolved from simple to complex over the years. Today, even men use tattoos as a means of ornamentation. Apart from that, tattoos have now also become the means to express yourself or your love for others. The broad, chiseled chest is an added advantage when it comes to choosing the best body part for creating a tattoo design. There are many elegant, gothic, chic, and meaningful chest tattoo designs that you can paint on your chest. Let us take a look at some of the best and most used tattoo designs for men’s chest.

Birds and animal tattoos on chest

Owl is a bird that creates a tremendous effect with its present, be it a decorative piece or as a tattoo on a man’s chest. It is one of the most favorite sought after chest tattoos by men. A flying owl or a geometric owl design looks chic and elegant on a man’s chest. It gives off a scintillating aura making you look more attractive. Another bird that is frequently used as a tattoo on men’s chest is the eagle. This bird is quite exotic in its own way and comes in many beautiful designs that can be used as tattoos for men. Eagles coupled with sugar skull or a suitable script has a great impact on the viewers.

Lion and tiger are also two favorite and often used animals as chest tattoos designs for men. Wolves are another commonly used animal figure for tattoos. Such tattoos give off a scary and rough edge to your personality, giving it a completely unique attraction. The symbol of peace, dove, is also often seen depicted along with peace messages on men. Snakes such as a real looking boa have also been used as a tattoo design for men.

Mythical and traditional chest tattoo designs

Traditional tattoos are fast growing favorites amongst tattoo lovers. Traditional tattoos look quite appealing on a man’s chest. Mythical creatures such as the dragon are also often seen painted as a tattoo on men.

Religious chest tattoo designs

Many men prefer to show their faith in religion through their tattoos. Chest tattoos depicting Jesus on a cross or the face of Jesus make a perfect design for such a purpose. There are also tattoo designs that depict angelic figures in the tattoo, enhancing the religious motif of the tattoos.

Script tattoos

One of the most commonly used theme for chest tattoos for men are scripts or meaningful messages. Many men opt for inking meaningful words, monograms, quotes, or even bible genesis on their chest. These tattoos, though simple make a great tattoo design for men.

We have gathered here some 55 best chest tattoos for men to sift through and choose to gratify their own passion for tattoos.

551. Rose Chest Tattoo

Chest tattoos designs

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