55 Amazing Disney Tattoos For Men And Women


Are you a fan of Disney Tattoos? If yes, you have come at the right place as we are going to present before you 55 amazing looking Disney tattoo ideas that are creative and just too cute to be ignored.

We all have a child within us that refuses to grow up and this child within wants to be surrounded with cute looking Disney cartoon characters all the time! This is what makes these tattoos so precious as these help us relive our childhood that was filled with fun and laughter.

Disney tattoo designs range from various cartoon characters developed by Sir Walt Disney way back in the 20’s. Most of these characters have been associated with us since our childhood and we have all come to love them as our family members.

Disney has been an inspiration for many film makers who have made a name for themselves producing movies centered around its characters like Mickey Mouse and Ariel to name a few. It’s not just film producers that have taken inspiration, many tattoo artists these days are seen inking a variety of Disney tattoos on men and women because of the tremendous craze for these cute designs that are loved and adored by people belonging to all brackets of life.

Among the most loved Disney motifs, the Disney Princess Tattoos have a huge fan following with a large number of women opting to go “The Princess Way”! Be it Princess Jasmine from Aladdin or Snow White, or Rapunzel, women are mad about getting themselves inked with these cute images of colorfully attired beauties with golden flowing hair.

While, you will see some gals flaunting cute Disney princess tattoos, there are a few who can be spotted wearing an out of the box princess tat like a sexy Jasmine with a good show of cleavage and curvaceous figure. However, this trend to ink sexy images of Disney Princesses is more common among men than women who prefer to engrave sensuous images on their bodies.

As far as Disney tattoo designs are concerned, there is a huge spectrum of motifs that you can select. Most of these designs are cool and very adorable, though, sometimes a tattoo artist can lend a weird look depending on his client’s whims and fancies. Some of these weird expressions in ink catch the onlookers by surprise.

There are such Disney designs that look so stunning that you cannot help but stare at them for eternity! If you look at the 55 images that we have showcased, you would definitely feel like getting one of these motifs inked on yourself right away. Some of these are simple with just a Mickey Mouse outline inked on the foot, while a few are more elaborate such as the whole Disney characters tattoo piece inked on the back.

The best part about getting Disney tattoo designs inked is the fact that these suit any type of personality and body part. If you are a newbie to tattooing, you can get your first tattoo themed around a Disney cartoon character and we are sure you wouldn’t look weird, but amazing. If you are a pro, then getting a full back piece Disney tattoo would elevate your status and would make you the center of all attention.

Ariel- the Mermaid, Donald and Goofy, the evil queens and villains, the characters from Toy Story and the Chipmunks are a few of the cool Disney motifs that can be seen below on people’s backs, legs, thighs, arms and foot. From cute Disney Princess Tattoos to seductive mermaid designs, the choice is huge. Take a look at these adorable Disney Tattoos and feel nostalgic again!

551. Disney Peter Pan tattoo for women

Disney Tattoo

Image Credit: buzzfeed