51 Cute Cat Tattoo Designs


Do you love felines so much so that you crave to ink your body with cool cat tattoos? If yes, you have come to the right place as we are going to show you some exotic, some simple, some cute and fab cat tattoo designs to flaunt on your bodies.

Cats are cute creatures that have found a special place in the homes of humans and now a days, men and women are increasingly carving their bodies with cute cat designs as a mark of love and respect for these cuddly beings.

A cat stands for everything that is mysterious, cute and brave. There are some sects that worship this creature while others regard it as a dark entity. Whatever said and done, we do have to agree on one thing – a cat tattoo simply rocks and looks just ‘perfect’!!

Many people ink their bodies with the names or images of their beloved pet cats who are no longer alive, or to mark a birthday milestone. Engraving the tattoo of a cat brings you closer to your pet and makes you remember it for as long as you live.

Cats have been with humans since the time of the early gatherers and hunters. These creatures belong to the family of other bigger felines like tigers, lions and jaguars. Cats, however, have taken longer time to get domesticated. Known for its stealth, a cat is a lone hunter that hunts in the dark of the night. That’s why you would often find people belonging to some cult flaunting cat tattoo designs on various parts of their bodies like back, shoulder, arms, neck and foot.

Men and women who possess qualities like those of a cat are seen to have a tremendous liking for such a cat tattoo that symbolizes characteristics like pride, braveness, and stealth. Back in the Middle Ages, cats were regarded as beings that possessed evil powers and hence were killed on sight.

There are innumerable cat tattoos that you can select depending upon your likes and what you want to convey to the public. For example, if you love the intricate and seductive appearance of Egyptian Cat Tattoo Designs, you can opt to get one of the few showcased below. These tattoos look gorgeous, especially on a woman’s curvaceous body and can be inked using black or a blend of other brighter shades to lend more attractiveness. Cats, as per the ancient Egyptians were worshiped as the moon goddess. Hence, if you consider yourself to be one, carve the design today!!

In today’s post there are a few cute cat designs that are meant for fun and do not convey any meaning or symbolism, like a cat sipping milk from a straw, a cat with glasses and a cat with a seductive ‘ladylike’ look in her eyes. These images are selected by such people that live to have fun and are generally jovial by nature.

Cats, especially Tom is a much adored comic character and finds its place in many tattoo design ideas. Garfield too looks cute and cuddly. These cartoon cat tattoos involve the use of many fun colors like pinks and yellows.

Cat eyes and black cats too are much demanded by both the sexes and look sexy too. Some like to get only the green eyes of a feline to attract attention while others like to have an outline engraved on their foot or ears.

A cat tattoo, whether dark or cute, looks adorable and is considered to being good luck as well. Ink one of these feline cuties on your body and feel the ‘cuddliness’ oozing out! See Ya!

511. Amazing Cat Sphinx Tattoo

Cat Sphinx Tattoo

Image Credit: helptattoo