51 Coolest Steampunk Tattoo Designs


Steampunk is a genre of science fiction, one that can be applied to any topic you want to. It has that mysterious and unique retro-Victorian feel about it, which only makes it more attractive for those in love with that era. It is no surprise that tattoo artists have found a way to wiggle this science fiction genre in their tattoo designs. What’s more, mixing up this retro-Victorian genre in their tattoo designs, they give a completely new meaning to some of the designs such as steampunk tattoos of skull and dreamcatcher. So, if you are in love with the retro-Victorian era then getting such a tattoo done might just be the perfect design for you.

Steampunk tattoos

The genre of steampunk is quite complex an art style that tattoo artists have tried to merge in with their tattoo designs. This genre is gaining popularity amongst tattoo lovers ever increasingly, mainly because of its artistic, unique, and mysterious merging of elements from science fiction, fantasy, history, and prophecy. All steampunk tattoo designs and ideas are based on alternate history, meaning that a particular tattoo idea based on a fictional story set in a pre-historic era. This is where the Victorian era comes in.

The designs that are implicated in a steampunk tattoo more or less include the antique clockwork elements. The antique nature of the steampunk theme allows the tattoo artists to resurrect a wealth of textures within the design such as shiny metal, rust, wood, and leather. Although rust is not an effect that is often seen in the steampunk tattoos, however if you are looking for a truly antique feel then the rust element would work just perfect for you. Many of the tattoo designs based on this genre depicts images that are based on existing realities such as the antique Victorian clockwork mechanics wound up in situations that are fictional such as time traveling.

The steampunk designs have a storyline that is completely fictional set within the reality of clockwork mechanics. There are many interesting steampunk tattoo designs that the tattoo artists have come up with. Owl is quite a unique and a popular motif amongst tattoo lovers. It is also commonly used by those creating steampunk designs for the tattoos. Apart from the owl, there are other motifs, such as cats, skulls, etc. that are used for creating the tattoos. Steampunk tattoos often carry deeper meaning than you can fathom.

For example, a tattoo design with a key operated clockwork owl with a hat and monocle carries quite a significant meaning to it. The hat and monocle act as a reference to the fashion of men during the Victorian era, whereas the lock and key in the tattoo indicate hidden truths within the owl. In other words, you could say that wisdom, which is what an owl is a symbol of, holds many secrets which only need to be unlocked.

After reading all this, if you still haven’t fallen in love with the beautiful steampunk tattoo ideas, then the images below are sure to make you fall in love with them. Here are 51 images for you to sift through.

511. Enchanting Steampunk Eye Chest Tattoo

Steampunk tattoo ideas

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