51 Attractive Under Breast Tattoos For Women


Tattoos have become quite a style statement for women. Today, women get their body parts tattooed to show their boldness. Tattoos have become a way of embracing femininity with grace and boldness for women. For women, there are many options with respect to body parts they can get tattooed. Women have many option to make themselves look more attractive and sexy with where and what they get tattooed. We all know that most women who get a tattoo done have a deep and personal meaning to it. Women often get tattoos on their back, hand, neck, ears, lower back, and sometimes breast tattoos and under breasts too.

Under breast tattoos for women

Our heart is quite in the center, for women closer to their under breast tattoos. This, hence, can have a lot of deep and personal meaning to it. There are many women who prefer to get tattoos in the under breast area for many reasons. One of the most common is for professional reasons. There are many organizations that have strict rules regarding fashion, including tattoos. It is considered quite unethical and unprofessional at many places, leaving women with no choice but to have tattoos done in places where they can be easily hidden, and what better place than under breast tattoos.

If not for professional reasons, women may choose to have an under breast tattoo done for the mere sexiness and exotic appeal of the same. The tattoo design chosen can have a deep or a personal meaning attached to it. The design can also be a way of showing her love, loyalty, or say her feelings for her partner or lover. It is something private and just for her partner to see. The design, hence, can be chosen keeping in mind their relationship or her partner’s preference. The breast tattoos design may also be a quote or a pretty and delicate feminine design.

Designs of tattoo under breast

As for the tattoo designs, the first and foremost design that generally pops into our mind for a woman is that of flowers. Floral tattoo designs are quite a popular choice with women since they represent the grace and femininity better than any other design. Some women, who are bold and fiery by nature or let’s say sexually bold, may well chose designs that accentuate their sexuality. Traditional, ornamental designs are also a popular choice amongst women for under breast tattoos.

Tribal tattoos are also preferred by women for under breast. Mandalas and traditional henna style tattoo designs are another popular choice for women having under breast tattoos done. Egyptian tattoos, wings, and other such tattoo designs are again quite popular amongst women who are looking forward to have a tattoo done under breast. These, here are just a few examples of tattoos designs that you can choose for yourself, there are many more out there. Here are 51 quite attractive and visually appealing under breast tattoos ideas for you to choose from and get yourself inked with.

511. Cool Wings Tattoo Under Breast

Under breast tattoo ideas

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