51 Attractive Mandala Tattoo Designs


Tattoos have now become a form of ornamentation for many men and women these days. There are numerous tattoo designs and themes that work just perfectly for each and every one. Tribal and spiritual tattoos carry a lot of significance for many, especially those who walk the spiritual path. Some adorn their bodies with spiritual tattoos to enhance their belief system. Mandalas are spiritual symbols that have become quite popular amongst tattoo lovers. Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. In many of the cultures such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity, mandalas carry a lot of significance. Mandala tattoo designs are done to represent ‘wholeness’.

Mandala tattoo meaning and significance can also be associated with balance, eternity, and perfection. The mandala designs are generally floral in pattern, and when done by an expert, they only look more beautiful and appealing. Mandalas have minute and intricate designs which enhance the beauty of the symbol itself. The design generally is constituted within a circle or a square while the mandala is in the center. The qualities of mandala tattoos – balance, eternity, and perfection, are justified by the perfect geometrical balance of the design where every point in the design is at an equal distance from the center.

The mandalas also represent the relationship of our body with the mind and that of human life to infinity. More so, the mandalas also represent the shape of the celestial bodies of sun, moon, and earth, thus enhancing the relation of human life with infinity. Hence, you may find that the mandala tattoo designs often incorporate these celestial bodies of sun, moon, and earth. Although the circle and square shapes are incorporated in mandala tattoos, the focus still remain on the mandala design within the circle or square for it is the most prominent part of the design.

Mandala designs can be large or small, and can be done on any part of your body as per your wish. However, since the mandala design is often very intricate, a flat surface is generally advisable for the tattoo. Also, if you want to have a large tattoo done, then back, tummy, or chest may prove to be ideal parts to ink the tattoo on. The tattoo can also be done on the shoulder, wrist, hand, arm, nape of the neck, spine, ankle, legs, thighs, and back of the ear. However, the size of these tattoos would most likely be best if it is small.

Large tattoos, as suggested above, can be done on back, tummy, chest, rib, and spine. Most of the mandala tattoo designs incorporate floral or tribal designs. Floral designs are incorporated since the shape of the flowers comes quite close to that of mandalas. Floral designs also represent the deep symbolic meanings of balance, eternity, and femininity. Animals and birds are also seen incorporated in the mandala tattoos. Tribal tattoo designs of mandalas are also quite popular amongst tattoo lovers. Here are some 51 attractive mandala tattoo ideas for you to sift through and choose for yourself.

511. Intricate Mandala Thigh Tattoo

Mandala tattoo ideas

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