50 Tree Tattoo Designs for Men and Women [Part 1]


One of the most common designs of a tattoo that you can find on both men and women these days is a tree. A Tree tattoo can symbolize a lot of things. It could refer to a new beginning, a new life, growing up and maturing. A dead tree on the other hand, could mean struggle, or perhaps the lost of a loved one. There are several other meanings that come with a tree tattoo and while others prefer to have a simple design of a tree inked on their body, others would go for the more ornately designed tree tattoos along with other elements. Whatever your choices are, here is a list of the 50 tree tattoo designs for men and women. The list is broken down in two parts and below is the first part.

262. Oak Tree Tattoo

strong despite of the adversities

An oak tree could mean courage and power. According to legend, this tree is one of the most powerful of all trees. So if you see yourself as someone strong despite of the adversities you have gone through in life, this Oak tree tattoo would be a great idea. This beautiful oak tree tattoo could mean standing strong despite of all the struggles in one’s life.

Image Credit: Deviant Art