50 Sexy Thigh Tattoos For Women


Women’s legs are often considered to be a sex quotient for them. Now, women have more of a reason to flaunt the bare skin of their legs up to their thighs for tattoos have changed or you could say enhanced the sex quotient for them. Thigh tattoos are done mostly by women and they look quite sexy and attractive on them. There are numerous tattoo designs that you can use for your thighs. Simple to intricate to quotes, you could use just about anything that comes to your mind when it comes to choosing thigh tattoo designs. Let us take a look at some of the most commonly used themes for thighs.

3D Tattoos for Thighs

3D tattoos look amazing on not just thighs but any part of the body. However, women have an undue advantage of having some of the most beautiful 3D thigh tattoo designs. A 3D rose or an intricate 3D pattern for example looks quite exquisite and attractive on thighs. There are many other 3D designs such as abstract designs that you could think of using as tattoo designs for your thighs. Dark yet attractive like the 3D skull tattoos will also work well for your thigh tattoos ideas.

Tribal Tattoos for Women

You might come across many people who adorn those intricate, mystical, and beautiful tribal tattoo designs on their bodies. Those of tribal origin or even those who have respect and love for the age old traditional beliefs would go for these tattoo designs. Sometimes, they are worn just for the mystical beauty they exude or for the deeper meaning each symbol carries. Whatever the reason might be, I’m sure tribal tattoos would be the perfect thigh tattoo designs for you.

Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoo

Dreamcatcher is a mystical symbol that many attach themselves to because of its age old traditional significance. Dreamcatcher is believed to keep evil spirits away from you and protect you from any negativity surrounding you. Though, many use this tattoo design simply because of its intricate make. However, there are many who use dreamcatcher designs for thigh tattoos in adherence with its symbolic meaning and traditional importance. Dreamcatcher tattoos are definitely a great tattoo design to choose.

Animal Tattoos

Just like tribal and dreamcatcher tattoos, there are animal tattoo designs which carry deeper meanings. However, some women would prefer to go for animal or bird tattoos just for the cuteness or the boldness it may exude. Animals such as wolf, lion, panda, etc. are quite popular choices amongst women when it comes to choosing thigh tattoo designs. With birds, you would generally come across tattoos of love birds, eagle, and owl. There are many other animal and bird tattoo designs that you may choose from.

As you can see, choosing a design for thigh tattoos is not that difficult. However, it is important that a tattoo design is chosen with care, such that it enhances and at the same time suits your personality. Here are 50 sexy thigh tattoo designs for you!

501. Blue Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoo

Dreamcatcher thigh tattoo ideas

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