50 Sexy Tattoo Designs For Girls


I completely agree with Wesley Ruggles when he quoted that a woman’s figure with curves is a unique way to have a glimpse on some very intriguing angles and as a woman, I feel the best manner to flaunt your curves is to ink it with sexy tattoo designs that I am going to write about in today’s post.

Tattooing is an ancient art form and was most practiced by women to enhance their looks and charm. Many of the sexy tattoos for girls as I have put forth for you to see, have been thought about gravely by artists since these people wanted to bring out the raw sexuality, the cheerfulness and fun elements that form an integral part of a woman’s personality, traits that can only be found in a female.

Tattoos, no matter big or small, they are an essential tool or a medium that helps a woman to boost her self-image and the raw sex appeal that all of us lovely ladies possess. Your sexy tattoos needn’t be too extravagant to be called sexy. These can range from a simple rose bud to a more elaborate form of body art that I have shown in the images below.

There are many images where women’s bodies have been inked with flower tattoos, tribal tattoos, fluttering butterfly sexy tattoo designs and a whole lot of other motifs that, on first glance, can take your breath away. While, there is a certain class of girls that like to flaunt their sexuality through such sexy tattoos that are not necessarily overtly sexy, but convey a lot more than your brain can imagine. A small design of a flower or a cute little butterfly fluttering down your back can make one swoon with ecstasy.

A woman’s curvaceous body is the perfect playground for artists to showcase their talent when they think of myriad ideas that convert a feminine body into a painter’s canvas where life blooms and merges with fantasy. This is what the sexy tattoos seen below seem to be doing! A very popular trend these days is to get quotes inked behind the shoulders or thighs. These motifs look elegant and sexy, all at the same time.

Many women, it seems, are crazy behind roses and lotuses as these lend attractiveness to their personalities. Getting a flower or a bushel of flowers tattooed on any part of your body adds grace, specially the back as it is perhaps the only space that allows an artist to conjure up a dreamy art piece that truly compliments a woman’s beauty.

However, if someone has no inhibitions about getting carved on more private parts of her body, there are endless options available, but one needs to be confident to flaunt these sexy tattoo designs. Some of these sexy tattoos for girls include stars, garter belt and lace, flowers, birds and vines that are feminine in style and can be inked on inner thighs, above the panty line, on the pubic region, bums and even breasts.

Sexy tattoos for girls vary and one can choose from a wide range of designs as one pleases. Each sexy tattoo seen on a female’s body signifies a certain belief, emotion or feeling. A woman with a bird design is most certainly a free bird or freedom is what she craves for in her life. Similarly, a girl possessing a cartoon or a Hello kitty tattoo wants to show her love for fun and childlike nature.

Whatever may be the design, women must know where to place a tattoo on their bodies. For someone who is shy, inking sexy tattoo designs on the pelvic and cleavage area wouldn’t be a wise choice and vice versa. Do have a look below and get to broaden your horizons regarding the cool and sexy tattoo designs that I feel every one of you beautiful ladies must possess. Time is here to celebrate your curves ladies! Get a sexy tattoo today!

501. Feather sexy tattoos for women

Sexy Tattoos For Women

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