50 Lovely Upper Back Tattoo Designs For Women


As we spent our days walking under the tepid sunlight or just spending it on our normal leisure, you probably wouldn’t notice that our body, particularly our skin, gets to experience the harsh things nature has to offer. The constant exposure to harmful UV rays damages our skin over time. When you’re young, skin sheds off and renews itself rather easily however, as we grow old, it loses its ability to self-repair until such time that it becomes dull and wrinkled.

The aging of our skin is one of the primary problems of people with tattoo, especially for women. Their tattoo may look great at first but as the years pass, the skin loses its shine and wrinkles making the tattoo pale and unattractive as well.

That is why, nowadays, women tattoo enthusiasts starting to wear their tattoos on their upper back. The very reason for this is that recent studies reveal that the skin on the upper back has the least probability to change over time even if we grow old—and that is a plus for women.

Because of the natural flat surface, the usual upper back tattoo designs range from tribal to letters. For most of the people, Japanese kanji or mandalas are perfect on this spot. Some women also prefer quote tattoos which can easily be read by others when they wear tank tops or cute dresses. What we are sure of is that with the appropriate designs for upper back region for women, the possibilities are endless.

Take a look at these 50 Lovely Upper Back Tattoo Designs For Women and be inspired!

501. Fox Upper Back Tattoo

Fox Upper Back Tattoo
Image Credit: Cuded