50 Lily Flower Tattoos For Girls [Part 2]


Hello, am here again to complete my second part of the post that would mention about the remaining 25 lily flower tattoos that are loved by women of all ages. The last post listed 25 cool lily flower tattoos, and the second part would enhance your knowledge further.

Here are the rest of these sexy flower tattoos that are doing the rounds everywhere. Want to be the flavor of the hot party scenes these days? Well, read below and get transformed into a style diva!

26. Awesome white lily tattoo on the stomach

The motif of a gigantic white lily inked on the woman’s stomach area appears not just sexy but is also done very artistically. The design looks realistic with huge petals of the lily being carved in milky white. Black shading done fits perfectly to offer a contrasting effect.

Awesome white lily tattoo on the stomach

Image credit: flowertattoo


27. Attractive lily tattoo on hips

From the back to the hip area is inked a very beautiful design involving a number of lily flowers together with leaves and vines. The back looks extremely sexy with this motif that is done in black and reddish brown color.

Attractive lily tattoo on hips

Image credit: quoteko

28. Beautiful lily tattoo on foot

Lilies are such pretty flowers that can be carved any where on the body, your foot being one of those places. Seen here are two beautiful bluish purple lily flowers inked on both the feet of this lady. The motifs are very artistically done where the artist has done shading in nude while using purple for the major part of the flower.

Beautiful lily tattoo on foot

Image credit: checkoutmyink

29. Amazing arm lily tattoo

With such a beautiful motif of a lily flower etched on your arms, you are sure to attract the attention of your admirers. The lily design is a massive one and is inked using black color. The shading done is amazing and lends a distinct style to the motif.

Amazing arm lily tattoo

Image credit: deviantart

30. Stylish lily tattoo

Seen below is a lovely looking lily flower motif that looks very charming with massive petals and awesome black shading done to enhance its feminine beauty.

Stylish lily tattoo

Image credit: 1000funfacts

31. Lovely Calla lily tattoo

Calla lilies are very feminine to look and have been the muse for many painters as well as tattoo artists all over the globe. In the picture below, the calla lilies have been carved boldly in bright yellow color with green tones present in the form of leaves. The whole design looks very appealing and vivid.

Lovely Calla lily tattoo

Image credit: slodive

32. Colorful lily tattoo design

On the bare back of this woman is etched a very beautiful motif of a Calla lily creeper, appearing vibrant and lively with a variety of shades like yellow, red, green and purple. The design is carved right from the shoulders, all the way down towards the hips.

Colorful lily tattoo design

Image credit: deviantart

33. Astonishing lily flower tattoo

One of the most feminine motifs to get inked on your bodies is the pretty lily flower that stands for purity and happiness. The lily seen here is quite longish in shape with white and blue shading done inside the petal. On the outside, red has been used for shading that accentuates the look and makes it appear even sexier.

Astonishing lily flower tattoo

Image credit: itattooz

34. White and blue lily foot tattoo

The lilies seen here are a variety known as Calla lilies and are known for their unique and pure look. The bunch of three lilies seen below are inked in white, with shades of dark blue. The center of each flower is shaded with yellow, giving it a bright appearance.

White and blue lily foot tattoo

Image credit: slodive

35. Lily and stars tattoo

On the right side of the thighs in the image, there is inked a black and white lily flower with tiny stars carved all around. The shading done looks amazing and lends a classy touch to the whole motif.

Lily and stars tattoo

Image credit: tattoou

36. Purple lily with colorful stars tattoo

The arms are a good place for getting tattoos inked as there is a lot of space available for you to explore many unique ideas. In the picture, there is a beautiful motif of a purple colored lily flanked on all sides with tiny colorful stars, lending brightness to the whole design.

Purple lily with colorful stars tattoo

Image credit: tattoos-and-art

37. Beautiful lily tattoo

Lilies look good whether they are inked in black or with myriad colors. The lily flower in the picture is solo and looks quite ethereal in white with green stems. The artist has also done purple shading to enhance the appearance.

Beautiful lily tattoo

Image credit: tattooshowtime

38. Lily and ribbon tattoo

A gorgeous Calla lily is seen inked below, together with a purple ribbon toed down at the end. On top of the lily is imprinted the date and year of birth of the wearer. A very pretty design, the lily is a hot favorite among young girls.

Lily and ribbon tattoo

Image credit: tattoonow


39. Lily and bird tattoo

The back is just perfect to get a number of lily designs inked as there is a huge place to fit all of these nicely, and also because these pretty flowers make a bare back appear sexy. Seen here are three orange lily flowers and perched near them are two colorful birds.

Lily and bird tattoo

Image credit: worldsstyle

40. Love lily tattoo

The two black and white lilies look interesting as these are huge motifs and catch your attention the very moment you set your eyes on the ‘Love’ design inked in the middle. The motif is symbolical of love and desires that are pure like a lily.

Love lily tattoo

Image credit: blogspot

41. Bright lily flower tattoo in orange

Lilies look special in any style and color. Orange lilies look not merely awesome but are also symbolical of pure love and feelings. The massively designed lily tattoo below looks attractive with a bright orange shade and black dotting done inside its petals. The leaves are inked in green that blend perfectly with the orange.

Bright lily flower tattoo in orange

Image credit: trentstattoos

42. Exotic black and grey lily tattoo

Colorful lilies always take everybody’s fancy, but the one that takes my breath away is the lily design inked below. The two giant lilies are inked in black and grey colors that make these flowers look exotic and out of this world.

Exotic black and grey lily tattoo

Image credit: blogspot

43. Unique black lily tattoo

Black lilies symbolize death and are considered auspicious when offering prayers at a funeral. However, it doesn’t deter our pretty lasses from getting one of these beauties inked simply because these flowers look very charming and glamorous even if they mean death. The black lily flower seen here is inked from top to the bottom of the arm and is very feminine in appearance.

Unique black lily tattoo

Image credit: blog

44. Cute and tiny lily tattoo

Inside the ears is seen inked a very small yet beautiful looking lily flower. With a green stem and bright yellow colored petals, the lily design looks engaging.

Cute and tiny lily tattoo

Image credit: tattooeve

45. Name and lily tattoo design

A very attractive design of a lily is inked on the back of the lady’s shoulder. The lily is carved in black and looks awesome with black patterned lines coming out of it.

Name and lily tattoo design

Image credit: fanfiction

46. Big pink lily tattoo

The lily flower carved on the arms is gigantic in size and it attracts your attention with its bright pink color used for shading it extensively. Along with pink, there are vertical lines inked in yellow, bordered with red. Inside the petals are inked black dots that make the flower appear realistic.

Big pink lily tattoo

Image credit: tattooeve

47. Fabulous black lily tattoo

Black lilies look mysterious and symbolize death. However, these are loved by women simply because of their raw appeal and feminine looks. The lilies seen below too have a distinct quality to them that makes them so interesting to look.

Fabulous black lily tattoo

Image credit: blogspot

48. White lily tattoo

White lilies symbolize purity and emotional feelings. These flowers are very feminine to look and are loved by girls. The two white lilies seen in the picture look awesome with black shading done at the background, lending it a more girly look.

White lily tattoo

Image credit: flowertattoo

49. Sexy lily wrist tattoo

Very cute looking lily flowers are inked on both the wrists of this girl. The lilies are light pink in color and stand for purity and love. The motifs are inked along with words like ‘Memento Mori’ and ‘Memento Vivere’ carved in black. These lilies have been dedicated as mementos for two people, most probably the kids of this woman. Its is a very nice gesture on the part of this lady to have got herself inked with the names of people she loves.

Sexy lily wrist tattoo

Image credit: stylesstyle


50. Black lily tattoos on chest

The lilies in the image are inked on the chest in such a way so as to replicate a necklace. The flowers are caved using black with hints of white here and there. These motifs cover the entire chest, starting from the shoulder blades. The whole design looks very ornamental and stylish.

Black lily tattoos on chest

Image credit: tattooedinspiration

Lilies are loved by everyone. These are such flowers that can adorn any part of your body with panache. Lilies can be carved along with other complimentary motifs like butterflies and birds. However, they look best when done solo. Read through this post and am sure you would get a whole lot of ideas about lily flower tattoos. Ciao and see you soon!