50 Incredible Yin Yang Tattoos Designs


There are many elemental designs that are quite popular amongst tattoo lovers. Yin yang is one such elemental symbol that is quite a favorite amongst tattoo lovers. This age old Chinese symbol refers to the core dual nature of every celestial being. This symbol is quite interesting in itself. The yin represents the feminine power while the yang represents the masculine power. This symbol is generally done in the colors black and white in an unending circle. The feminine part, is white with a black dot while the masculine is black with a white dot. Both the portions are equal within the circle. The yin yang tattoos are now done with many variations by the tattoo artists.

Animal yin yang tattoos

A yin yang symbol is considered as important as those of a phoenix or a dragon. Today, tattoo artists have invented many designs that are incorporated along with other symbolic designs such as a wolf, dragon, or a tiger. Either two animal symbols are incorporated into the tattoo or a single animal symbol is represented in both yin and yang forms. These animal yin yang tattoo designs look quite appealing and elegant. Many may go for such designs either for the meanings that each of these symbols carry or merely for its visual appeal.

Combined tattoos

Some tattoo artists incorporate the classic yin yang symbol into other designs. Generally tattoo lovers get designs inked which carry some kind of significance for them. Yin and yang is a symbol that equally appeals both the genders. Hence, men and women both often times incorporate this elemental symbol into some of their tattoo designs. The design is generally incorporated while keeping in mind the meaning of the symbol relevant to the person getting it inked. Many incorporate the part that is dominant for them in their yin yang tattoo, such as yin may be incorporated by women while yang may be incorporated by men. Of course the symbol is always used as a whole, but the design chosen may truly represent the dominant side of the one getting tattooed.

Symbolic yin yang meaning tattoos

Many opt for yin yang tattoos that are typical and have various different colors and meanings attached to it. Many tattoo artists incorporate colors than the typical black and white for these tattoos. You may also include a scenic view of day and night in the shape of a yin yang symbol in lieu of the actual dual nature of the symbol. There are many other such design variations that you can incorporate while getting a yin yang tattoo done. You are free to choose the brightest of colors or designs that carry importance and meaning for you.

It is said that before you choose your tattoo design, it is advisable to go through every possible yin yang tattoos and select the one that is of utmost significance to you. Here we have gathered some 50 incredible yin yang tattoo designs for you to choose and use.

501. Intricate Yin Yang Wrist Tattoo

Yin yang tattoo ideas

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