50 Hot Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Women


Tattoos are an important medium through which women express their feelings and opinions, and butterfly tattoos are regarded as the most expressive among a whole lot of other women tattoo designs. Women, by nature are soft and gentle. There are umpteen number of other motifs like flowers, stars and other tattoos that one can ink, but it is the beauty of the butterfly that catches the attention of these lovely ladies!

Well, you must wonder why a butterfly is so special and finds mention in this post. To begin with, a butterfly, like a woman goes through a unique cycle of birth and growth, with each stage playing a very important part in its life. From a larvae that hatches out of an egg, a butterfly goes through a cocooned stage and ultimately flies out with colorful wings ready to conquer the world. Isn’t it similar to a woman, who, too goes through the same stages, and comes out as a confident lady who has dreams and aspirations to make it to the top?

If you are a woman and want to express your love for freedom, a butterfly tattoo would perhaps be the best tool through which you can show what you feel. Butterfly tattoos are very common and most women can be seen sporting a variety of butterfly tattoo designs, irrespective of their age. A butterfly is also regarded in many cultures as the symbol of happiness, and this makes it a favorite choice when ladies think of getting tattooed. There are many cultures that believe this winged creature to be a lucky charm for women in love. Hence, most girls often end up tattooing beautiful butterfly tattoo designs in the hope of finding love and a perfect soul mate.

Butterfly tattoos are loved globally simply because these tattoos look colorful and cute. There are very few tattoo designs that can match up to the exuberant beauty of a butterfly motif. Butterfly tattoo designs are in plenty and allow one to choose as per their fancy. Most women love to get cute butterfly tattoos inked on upper part of their bodies like the upper back, chest, neck and arms. However, these charming creatures also find their way towards the ankles, foot and thighs. Butterfly tattoo designs are suited to be tattooed anywhere on the body as these look cool and feminine, no matter where they are placed. From a cute small butterfly tattoo on the neck or ears, to the big winged ones inked on the back, butterfly tattoo designs always manage to grab the attention of passersby.

A butterfly tattoo is such a creative motif that it can be inked as your very first tattoo as it will never go wrong! Young girls can choose from a plethora of butterfly tattoo designs such as the pink winged butterfly on the legs or the back. If you need some symbolic meaning attached to your butterfly tattoo, you can add other motifs like flowers or stars along with it. The trend these days is to ink a big butterfly tattoo on back while others with combos are preferred for parts like ankles, thighs and foot.

Whether or not you have a sole butterfly tattoo or a cluster of butterflies inked on your body, such butterfly designs will always stand the test of time. Such motifs will never go out of fashion and will never become a subject of ridicule as butterfly tattoo designs are evergreen and stand for positivity. If you are a lady that wishes to be seen as an epitome of grace and femininity, here is your chance to get enlightened about the top 50 hot butterfly tattoo designs that are in vogue these days. Take a look.

501. Butterfly skull tattoos on chest

Butterfly skull tattoos on chest

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