50 Creative Elephant Tattoo Designs For Men And Women


Elephants are huge animals carrying significance in many cultures, particularly in Asia and Africa. These enormous creatures may be used to scare the ranks of enemies in war but are otherwise considered to carry quite deeper meanings. These days, elephants have become a part of the fashion world as well. Elephant tattoos have and are still becoming more and more popular amongst tattoo lovers. Even when tattooed, they have not just one meaning attached to them but many and quite symbolic meanings. Prosperity is one adjective that is often associated with elephants. Strength and protection are yet other adjectives that are commonly associated with an elephant. However, the list just doesn’t end here. Other meanings that are associated with elephant tattoo designs include luck, power, peace, wisdom, nobility, memory, longevity, determination, invincibility, fidelity, community, creation, determination, and happiness.

Elephant tattoo meaning and variations

Elephant, as mentioned above, is an animal associated with many symbolic meanings and hence has many variations when it comes to tattooing. Let us take a look at some of these.

The symbol of holiness…

An elephant tattoo is also considered to be sacred and holy for the animal is considered to be holy in many cultures such as the Indian. Even Pliny, a Roman philosopher considered elephants to be sacred and said that they symbolized renewal.

Elephant tribal tattoos – link to the Nature…

Tribal tattoos are quite popular amongst tattoo lovers, and elephant tattoo design is yet another favorite in tribal tattoos. The exact meaning of tribal elephant tattoos has been lost in time, but it is considered to be a link to our Mother Nature.

The pink elephant…

A pink elephant tattoo is considered to be associated with your inner party animal. Pink elephants were made famous by the American author Jack London since he used them to describe the event of hallucinating after a drinking binge in his novel. So get that pink elephant inked if you are having a gala night.

Cartoon elephants

Elephants have also been used in cartoons, and are generally quite a favorite character amongst children. Cartoon elephant tattoos hence symbolize those fond childhood memories and times you have spent. Many who want to relive those fond memories and reminisce in those times would have a cartoon elephant tattoo done.

The Dali elephant…

The work of eccentric Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali, meaning of a Dali elephant is quite left to interpretation. However, an elephant tattoo supported by spider-thin legs supposedly represents men’s attempts at supporting their desires. However, some merely get this tattoo inked for its visual appeal.

These are some of the variations of tattoo designs of an elephant, all of them quite cool and classy when actually inked. If you truly are a fan of elephant tattoos, you may surely want to consider getting one of these variations inked on to your body. However, there are yet many more designs that you can get inked on your body. Here are some 50 most creative elephant tattoo designs that you can choose from and get inked on your body.

501. Ornamental Shoulder Blade Elephant and Floral Tattoo

Elephant tattoo ideas

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