50 Cool Anchor Tattoo Designs For Men And Women


Today tattoos have become quite an important style statement for men and women young to old. However, there are people today, who get tattoos done out of respect for some age old traditions, for the meaning the symbols may carry, or in adherence to their real life situations. Whatever the reasons may be, there are many symbols that help people actually live out their choices. Anchor tattoos are one such symbol that is often seen on men and women in the form of a tattoo. Generally, when you hear the word anchor, you immediately associate it with the marines or the sea people. However, gone are the days when anchor was simply a symbol for the marines.

Today, anchor has many different meanings for which it is often tattooed by men and women both. An anchor is a symbol that is generally associated with stability and strength. People often get this symbol tattooed as a symbolic representation of their present life situations in which they need to stay calm, hold on, and continue to do what they are supposed to. You may also have anchor tattoo designs dedicated to a person who has played such a role in your life. The person may have played a crucial role in your life by keeping you grounded and stable along with providing you the strength to fight off the situation.

Anchor tattoo meaning may differ from person to person. In the olden days when bearing your faith in Christianity was forbidden, anchor was used as a symbolic representation of the Holy Cross. That way people not only kept faith but silently and smartly exhibited their faith too. Hence, anchor tattoos can be used as quite a spiritual symbol, a representation of your faith. The symbol also shows that you stand your ground amidst abuse, persecution, and negativity. That is probably the most profound significant meaning of this symbol.

Again, anchor is a symbol that we all immediately associate with sea. You would definitely agree that no matter how scary looking sea may be, it has a strong attractive factor with it. An anchor is one thing that does not heed to the fierceness and ruthlessness of the sea. It remains completely and absolutely indifferent to these qualities of the sea. And when you have an anchor tattoo design on you, the world heeds to your qualities of strength and stability. Anchor tattoos are hence not specific to any gender. They are worn by both men and women and carry individual significance for the wearer.

You may have the anchor tattooed anywhere you feel like and bring with it the strength, stability, and most importantly the quality of indifference for your negative situations in your life. So if you are looking forward to anchor these qualities deep within you and actually want to scream them out to the world go get that anchor tattooed on your body. Here are 50 cool anchor tattoo designs for you to choose from and select the one best for you.

501. Colorful Anchor and Rose Tattoo

Female anchor tattoos

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