50 Amazing Movie Inspired Tattoo Designs


People watch movies mainly because for entertainment. Most movies are to enjoy and to pass time however some transcends into something more than a visual extravaganza. These very rare masterpieces etched into our very lives that you never can forget the scenes and characters within it.

Out of awe and admiration, we tend to talk about it for months, some portrays and dress-up like the iconic characters or make them as their own heroes. For people who love body ink, having a tattoo inspired by their favorite movie is somehow their way of paying homage to the awesomeness of their experience.

Tattoo is almost perpetual and having a movie-inspired ink makes it more memorable to that person. The tattoo will always remind the bearer of the fun and the wonder of the movie he/she loved.

Here are the 50 Amazing Movie Inspired Tattoo Designs for inspiration!

501. Tim Burton’s Beetle Juice Forearm Tattoo

Tim Burton's Beetle Juice Forearm Tattoo
Image Credit: Tumblr