50 Amazing Mermaid Tattoo Designs


As a child, I was fascinated with people who sported mermaid tattoos and always hoped to get one of these designs inked on my body once I grew up. As time passed by and I grew older, it dawned on me that mermaids were after all mythical beings that have always been the topic of discussion among sailors and others that find these lovely sirens sexy and crave to be loved by them.

As far as tattooing is concerned, mermaid tattoos are an all time favorite, both among men as well as young women. Seldom would you find anyone not wishing for a mermaid tattoo on his or her body if he or she were given a chance of getting one cool mermaid tattoo design. As I mentioned above, mermaids have been a topic of fantasy for most of us as these creatures are believed to possess magical powers that make them invincible to others.

A mermaid is half woman and half fish and lives in deep waters of the ocean. Made famous mostly by sailing crew that often wondered the mighty seas for months together, mermaids have found their true calling in the tattoo industry that is always trying to come up with varied mermaid tattoo designs to suit the needs of both the sexes. These days, many people opt to get mermaid tattoos instead of others as mermaid tattoo ideas are numerous and one can play with such a varied choice as one pleases. From simple mermaid tattoos to the more flamboyant ones, one can actually choose from a plethora of such cool mermaid tattoo ideas that are taking the world by storm.

The most commonly seen mermaid tattoo is the one that appears as a siren with flowing tresses, sitting on a sea rock and watching the sun set into the far horizons. Such a mermaid tattoo design is simple to ink and is often done using a variety of colors to add more fun. Most people would opt to get a mermaid inked in blue and red, wearing seashell crusted top and flipping the beautiful shiny tail with splash of water droplets here and there. However, the trend to get some raunchy mermaid tattoo designs is fast catching on with younger generation as these folks are perhaps bored with simple designs and want to explore the naughtier side of it. If you are one that loves pin up tattoos, here is your chance to get a sexy pin up mermaid tattoo design as tattoo artists can conjure up a creative yet naughty mermaid tattoo design that is not just a delight for your eyes but is also fun to watch. Most men get pinup mermaid tattoo designs inked that shows these mythical buxom creatures half naked with hair flowing gorgeously over their shoulders while they wink at you with a sexy grin. Such mermaid tattoo ideas are fast getting popular among both the sexes as these are nice to look with varied tones of colors used.

However, for those that love the more innocent type of mermaid tattoo designs, there are such motifs available that are very cute such as Disney’s Ariel, a mermaid with childlike qualities. These mermaid tattoo ideas are loved by everyone since these motifs can be altered to suit the fancies of different people. One can get a personalized mermaid tattoo design inked while retaining the old charm like the famous Sailor Jerry mermaid tattoo designs that are an all time hit among men and women. Come take a peep into the world of super cool mermaid tattoo designs that will open up a whole new world of designs that you have never seen before.

501. Wicked Mermaid Back Tattoo

wicked mermaid back tattoo

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