48 Endearing Ankle Tattoo Designs


Summer is always just around the corner and in this season, beaches are as famous as Paris for out-goers. Under the blazing heat of the sun, we usually go out in the most comfortable clothes we can find especially when you’re planning to go to the beach. Shorts and flip-flops are a “go” on these times, not just in morning strides but also during open night parties.

Shorts exposed the leg area and exposed feet are a good place for a small tattoo to be put on. Nowadays, a lot of tattoo enthusiasts go for ankle tats because its trendy, cute, and sexy. In this area, small tattoos look more beautiful and well-placed. Most tattoos inked on ankles usually are tribals, flowers, and symbols. However, one cannot limit themselves with just the trending designs, some put on words, faces, religious figures, and many more.

Take a look at these 48 Endearing Ankle Tattoo Designs and be inspired!

481. Rosary Ankle Tattoo

Rosary Ankle Tattoo
Image Credit: Iron Buzz Tattoos