45 Creative Angel Wing Tattoos


Angel wing tattoos are much loved around the world by both men and women simply because angels are considered as messengers of god and are synonymous with faith and piousness of the soul. As far as body beautification or tattooing is concerned, angel wing tattoos have always been the front runner when people have thought about tattooing themselves. Angel tattoos look cute and involve a whole lot of designs, some simple, while others might involve more complicated patterns and motifs.

In Christian mythology, angels dominated an important place, and as such are a much sought after body art by people belonging to Christian and Hebrew faiths. So popular are the angel wings tattoos that men and women of different ethnicity too are getting these beautiful looking designs inked on themselves. But, what is it that makes angel tattoos so famous and loved? Well, to begin with, most people believe in the existence of angels in their lives that guides them throughout in their journey. Such strong is the belief that these people actually get portraits of angels inked in various colors and shades. The other reason has to be the beauty associated with such cute angel wings tattoos.

Yes, frankly speaking, I am in total awe with angel wings tattoos as these are symbolical and have meanings that vary from person to person. According to me, angel tattoos represent the piousness of a person’s soul and his close proximity to god. Angel tattoos have a spiritual beauty that other designs don’t. Now a days, its quite common to see people flaunting angel wing tattoos on various parts of their bodies, specially the back as far as men are concerned, while women prefer the upper back for inking angel tattoos.

Most often one can see men sporting angel wings tattoos with wings, either folded or spread out as if just ready to take a flight. Most of these angel tattoos are inked in black and grey using the same shades and appear majestic. Some angels wing tattoos show angels sitting, or in motion. While, most men prefer to get a masculine looking angel, sometimes a warrior angel, women prefer to get a cherub’s form carved to make the tattoo appear cuter and adorable.

Some angel tattoos also represent a man’s faith in the existence of good and evil, and this can be seen in such angel wings tattoos that are combined with devil or Lucifer’s symbol too. In any case, these tattoos look intricate and involve a lot of time to be carved. For those who plan to get angel wing tattoos engraved, time is one factor that must be considered well in advance.

There are many angel wing tattoos that are showcased below in the post where I have selected and spread before my readers the top 45 angel wing tattoos that are most creative and look unique. Some of the pictures will show you a person’s back covered with massive angel wings inked in black. This is one common design that can be seen rampantly. For a little variation, other colors can also be used like red and blue.

Women prefer to get an angel tattoo carved either on their backs, wrist or legs. However, the size of the tattoos varies as per different tastes and likes. For any of you who are interested in getting cool angel wing tattoos, I would advise you to read this post thoroughly as it will give you a clear understanding of these intricate designs. One need not necessarily be a devout follower of any religion for inking an angel tattoo. The beauty of such tattoos lies in the fact that everyone, whether spiritual or fun loving can get angels engraved. Have fun!

451. Message angel wing tattoo

Message angel wing tattoo