40 Superb Spine Tattoo Designs For Everyone


There are specific parts of the human body where specific accessories accentuates the area. For example, piercings and jewelries are best wore in a person’s ears, or watches are meant for wrists.

Tattoos are also considered as accessories that adds “wow” factor for a person. Usually, tattoos are inked on arms and legs but if you look at it closely, the art actually does not directly emphasizes or highlight the area, it was just placed there to be easily seen by the public. However, I have seen one particular tattoo design that truly accentuate the area other than presenting a good visual art for the public and these are the spine tattoos. Just look that the examples I have gathered below and you’ll agree with me that somehow, the tattoos make us notice how beautiful the backbones are for us humans. Normally, the designs for backbone tattoos are sequential patterns or known subjects that can run along the spine, maximizing the ink area.

Be mesmerized by the collection and appreciate the spine for aside from providing ultimate support for our body, it is one awesome place to get ink on.

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39Dream Catcher Spine Tattoo

Dream Catcher Spine Tattoo

Image Credit: Funcoholic