40 Striking Lion Tattoo Designs


We all know that the lion is undeniably the king of the jungle. No other animal in existence nowadays strikes fear and gains respect from all other animals other than the lion. This animal is very majestic and at the same time very dangerous. It has always been a symbol of pride, power, nobility, and honor.

Because of this prominent symbolism, it is no wonder that tattoo enthusiasts in this generation love to have a lion tattoo. There are a lot of designs and techniques out there that are used to ink a lion deep into human skins.

People who have lion tattoos feel that they have the power and a dominating persona. They also feel the sense of leadership and security in their personality. Just like a lion, these people are very proud of what they have in life and what they control.

Here are the 40 Striking Lion Tattoo Designs to get inspired by!

401. King Of The Jungle Back Tattoo

King Of The Jungle Back Tattoo
Image Credit: Twitter