40 Spectacular Palm Tattoo Designs


If you want to experience pain in getting the tattoo that you want, try having a palm tattoo. Most tattoo enthusiasts say that palm tattoos are the most painful tattoos one can ever have.

The very reason for this is that our palms have the least fat padding underneath the skin. The fat padding actually serves as the buffer between the skin and the nerves where pain is recognized. Because of this, getting a palm tattoo is four times more painful than having it on your shoulder or leg.

However, a lot of tattoo artists can actually give you the best deal out of the pain. There are a lot of designs out there that are specially made for palms. Mandalas, eyes, and elemental designs are few of the popular choices.

Below are the 40 Spectacular Palm Tattoo Designs for inspiration!

401. Moth Palm Tattoo

Moth Palm Tattoo
Image Credit: Bloglovin’